Bakery Products

Bakery products made by professional bakers at Shaurya Foundation Trust with the help of Students with special needs. The only high-quality raw material was used to make these cookies, which make these cookies a little costly but worthy.

This bakery is a step toward and an initiative for inclusion of the people with special needs. Here they learn, earn, and gain the confidence to live independently in both ways, socially and economically. Our students only do what they learn. They are consistent with the volume of the raw material, they are very specific to it.

We usually buy bakery products from the market, which were made by the brands or big companies making a huge profit on it by using low-quality material, whereas our cookies were made to earn living and to create awareness about skills our students have. These cookies are purely handmade made under high safety, security, and hygiene standards. Our cookies will make taste heavenly.

I would like to say Great Taste at a lower price.


Know more about us. Visit – www.shauryafoundationtrust.org

Bakery Items


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